DESCRIPTION Excelsorb® III super absorbent core system Hydrophilic, cloth-like top sheet Blue acquisition layer Anatomically contoured, diamond embossed mat design Self-adjusting multi-strand leg gathers Hook-to-back sheet adjustable closure system that attaches anywhere on the cloth-like outer shell Inkjet wetness indicator, waterproof outer barrier and cloth-like shell USES Wicks away and retains wetness and odor in layers of fluff and polymer, leaving skin exceptionally dry and free from irritation Feels dry and soft against skin even after multiple voids Quickly draws fluid away from the top sheet and deep into the super absorbent core, preventing moisture rewetting the skin Rapid dispersion of fluid and increased mat stability and comfort Provides enhanced comfort, secure fit and optimal protection against leakage Efficient product change timing, healthy air circulation and improved skin breathability

Product Information Order Number Content Barcode  


S, 20'' - 31'' 15645190 1 Box of 12 Pcs 40612553021401  

M, 32'' - 44'' 15645390 1 Box of 12 Pcs 40612553019828  

Reg, 40'' - 48'' 15645490 1 Box of 12 Pcs 40612553019835  

L, 45" - 58" 15645590 1 Box of 10 Pcs 40612553019842  

XL, 59'' - 65'' 15645690 1 Box of 10 Pcs 40612553019859  

XXL, 63'' - 68''


15645790 1 Box of 12 Pcs 40612553019866  

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