he Reliant RPS350 is available in 2 models: Model RPS350-1 with manual Spreader Bar for base legs. Model RPS350-2 with power (motorized) Spreader for base legs. (The spreader bar is what opens up, or "spreads" the base legs so you can get in close to the patient.) The Stand-Up style patient lift is much easier to use than a standard patient lift. It is also perfect for transfers to/from commode.

Who can use it?

The Standing Lift has several advantages over standard (Hoyer) Patient Lifter. However, it is not for everyone. Individuals that use the Standing Sling MUST be able to support the some of their own weight, otherwise injury can occur. If the patient cannot bear some weight, they will simply dangle from the sling, a situation the product is not designed to support or be used for.


Using the RPS350 is easy. 

Not only does the RPS350 bring the patient to a standing position, the Stand Up Lift is perfect for transfers from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, tub transfer benches.


Comfortable and secure, the Invacare Reliant Stand-Up lift is the answer to your patient transport needs. Invacare Reliant's ergonomic styling and easy maneuverability make it an ideal product for everyday patient handling.


Power base option:

Choose from power-base or manual. The Invacare Standing Lift is available with standard manual spreader bar for opening and closing base legs (RPS350-1), or upgrade to the power base version (RPS350-2). 


Handle patients at home like a professional. The standing lift is efficient in the home and very easy to use. The electric motor does all the work. The RPS-350 includes rechargeable battery and charger.


With its numerous safety features, the Reliant Stand-Up lift ensures caregiver security and resident peace of mind. Ideal for use with weight-bearing or fully dependent patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support, the Invacare Reliant Stand-Up lift will be a valuable addition to your safety-management system.

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