Invacare Pronto Electric Scooter

The Pronto Air PT is a rear-wheeled personal transporter that combines comfort, modern design, and transportability into a sleek mobility product. With a maximum speed of 4.5 mph, a drive range of 9 miles, and intuitive controls, this chair greatly enhances independence and mobility.

-Ergonomic, modular, contoured arm pads for natural rest and activity

-Joystick controller can be mounted on either the left or right side

-Disassembles into three pieces

-Easy to remove battery

-12" Drive Wheels

-Comes in a sleek silver color

-What Makes This Different

Invacare's MyBody seating is made up of pressure relieving immersion foam and breathable mesh that contours and supports the primary pressure points of the PT's user.  This new style seating has an adjustable seat, back angle, headrest, and adjustable width, angle, height and depth armrests to ensure a comfortable ride.

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