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Enhancing patient comfort, flexibility, and compliance

Enhancing patient comfort, flexibility, and compliance       

The enhanced System One sleep therapy system does even more to deliver exceptional therapy, increase patient comfort, and add essential compliance tools. Among the new features are:


  • Auto-Trial mode delivers breath-by-breath auto-CPAP therapy for up to a total of 30 days, after which the device automatically transitions into the CPAP-Check mode at the pressure the patient was at or below 90% of the trial period time.


  • CPAP-Check mode checks on the user every 30 hours to determine if therapy pressure is optimal; if not, it automatically adjusts the nightly fixed CPAP pressure by 1 cm H2O to obtain ideal pressure.


  • Heated Tube humidification provides increased flexibility and patient comfort.


  • Opti-Start enhances auto-CPAP therapy, providing a customized starting pressure.


  • Adjustable PSmin provides clinicians with additional options for patients who require auto bi-level therapy.

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